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5 Main Features Of The Vale Do Lobo Ocean Golf Course

The Vale do Lobo Ocean golf course is a spectacular course to walk along, albeit a difficult course to play on. The ocean view will entice you to visit, but the difficult navigation may prevent you from visiting a second time. That being said, for those golfers who don’t mind a patient, challenging game, this course will become an absolute favourite.

Ocean view

The most obvious feature of the Vale do Lobo Ocean golf course is the beautiful ocean scenery which is on some parts so close to the course, you will actually feel as if you are on the beach. There are many palm trees in and around the course too, but these will hardly interfere with your game. As mentioned, it is usually the scenery that brings players to the course, but only those who enjoy a challenge return for a second visit.

Windy conditions

One of the reasons the course is so challenging is because the area is often windy. As every golfer knows, ocean winds and sudden gusts make for a frustrating game—unless you have practiced your anti-wind shots at home. Many players quickly learn that lower shots get them further than high ones, so be sure to work on your punch shots before giving this course a try.

Lots of turns

The course itself is also challenging to navigate. It twists and turns in order to fit into the seemingly cramped area. While this may put some golfers off from playing the course, it acts as an appeal to others who enjoy this type of challenge. If you are the type of golfer who likes to play strategically and methodically, then this course is perfectly suited for you.

Wide open fairways

Your putting skills should be well refined for this course. The fairways are nice and wide and actually form a large percentage of the whole course. Getting to the fairways is hard enough, so make sure you don’t add to your frustration by messing up your putts too.

Narrow greens

While the fairways may be wide, the pathways to them are anything but. Every approach shot will call for extra careful aim and excellent pitching. You may also want to brush up on your chipping shots as most of the course will test your short play more than anything else.