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Algarve's Most Challenging Golf Destinations: the Vale de Pinta Course

As one of the world’s top golf courses the Vale de Pinta offers adventure avid golfers want. The course has received dozens of positive reviews from players and critics. The course has everything from plush greens, challenging bunkers and great nature views. A large number of travelers enjoy visiting this course each year in hopes of beating their previous goal. Because of tight fairways and strategically placed bunkers golfers have plenty to do when on the green. So what should you look forward to when visiting the Vale de Pinta course?

Holes Strategically Placed throughout the Course

The Vale de Pinta Course offers plenty of challenges and adventure for the avid golfer. This course features a unique 18 hole par 71 layout. It has been mentioned the designers wanted to create something a little out of the ordinary while making the course playable and enjoyable by others. You can study the layout of the course and notice placement of bunkers, holes, and how they blend in with natural elements of nature throughout the course.

Hills, Slopes and Old Nature in the Fairway Require Good Precision

In short, there are plenty of bunkers and wind to deal with. This means your skills will be put to the test. The fairway is wide with various greens beautiful in nature. Yet, there are slopes and hills that will make it more challenging to play the fairway, especially on a windy day. You can review your skills and game plan prior to playing on the course. In this case you definitely want to do that. The Old Nature is also a great backdrop for the course as certain elements such as trees and parts of the landscape are centuries old.

Championship Golfers Have Played Here: How Will You Do?

This is the place for advanced golfers or those that really want a good challenge on the course. There have been professional championship golfers that tackled this course and have had great experiences despite the level of difficulty. Some may be able to breeze through the course, while others may ponder if they have what it takes to play it. Overall, you can decide for yourself if you want to take on the challenge. A few tourists recommend the challenge as they say it is something they have never experienced before.