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A Few Basic Golf Tips on How to Use Your Short Irons

Irons typically consist of smaller clubheads and shorter shafts. Short irons normally refer to 8 and 9 irons. They have highest mass of clubheads and shortest shafts. They are used for those shots which require high loft at short distance. There are a few mistakes that golfers make while hitting with short irons. Some of them are:

  • Incorrect ball position
  • They try to lift the ball high in the air
  • Wrong swing plane

Try to fix these issues and soon you will notice your ball flying high in the air and stopping quickly and smoothly on the green.

Position of the ball

Beginners have a tendency to place the ball a little left of the center while playing with short iron because they try to lift the ball in the air. But, if you position the ball too forward, you might hit it for thin, fat, slice or pull shots. There are different ball positions for everyone. But, you can begin by placing the ball in the middle of your stance. This will simplify to hit the ball with a descending blow.

Trust the loft

You have to trust your loft to lift the ball in the air. Swing with a smooth descending blow. Do not try to lift the ball high in the air yourself.

Control the distance

You can control the distance while using short irons by these methods:

  • Alter the length of the backswing
  • Slow down the swing
  • Maintain a grip down on the short iron

You can choose any of the above methods, whichever suits you. For an average golfer, the last method works well. When you grip down on the short iron, you automatically lose a little distance. Take a full swing while you grip down on the short iron by an inch.

Adjust your stance

For short irons, it is recommended that you have a narrower stance, than it is taken with a long iron, driver or fairway woods. The reason for a narrower stance is that you have to hit the golf ball at a more descending angle, if you use a short iron. You can also open your stance and aim your feet a little on the left side of the target.

Control the short iron

You do not need to take a full swing with short irons. You just have to take a swing to cover the distance of your intended target. You should have most of your weight to the left of your body and move back the ball at least 2 inches in your stance. In this position, your hands will be a little ahead of the golf ball at the address. This will give you a more descending path of the swing and you can hit the ball solidly.