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Add Extra Yards to Your Shots by Using Balance and Rhythm

What is the first thing you think of when trying to add distance to your shots? Swinging harder? Add muscle to your arms and shoulders? The best way to increase your swing speed – and your distance as a result – is actually to improve your balance and rhythm in the swing. Both of these elements are overlooked by most amateur golfers, yet they are vital when it comes to maximizing the distance that can be achieved with a swing. Once you learn how to stay on balance and make a swing with good rhythm, you will quickly find that your power improves.

Following are some quick tips which can help you to improve on both of these areas of your swing –

  • Reduce effort to improve balance. When balance starts to suffer is when you start to swing harder and harder in the hopes of finding more yards. Golf is often a game of opposites in this way – you frequently need to swing softer in order to add distance. When you swing comfortably within your limits instead of giving it everything you have, you will find it much easier to stay balanced and make solid contact.
  • Rhythm is all about the transition. The transition from backswing to downswing is where you can have good rhythm in your swing, or where it can go all wrong. You need to allow the swing to gather at the top and take your time when switching directions. Too many golfers rush this part of the swing and it robs them of power – in addition to the ability to make solid contact consistently. As the club reaches the top of the swing, use your lower body to start the rotation toward the target while the club waits for your body to pull it into position.
  • Practice by trying to hit short drives. When you get a chance to visit the driving range and work on your swing, try hitting some drives with the goal of hitting short and straight shots. Intentionally hitting the ball short will require you to use a smooth tempo and keep good balance throughout your swing. After doing this for a few shots, pick up the speed and try for longer drives while still maintaining your smooth tempo that you used on the shorter tee shots. If you ever feel like you are getting out of your proper rhythm, go back to hitting a couple short drives to quickly get it back.