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10 Elite Golf Hotels To Stay At During A Vacation In Portugal

There are so many golf hotels that you can get in Portugal. In the event that you are interested in enjoying a good time in some of the finest hotels so far, you are in the right place. One of the main reasons why travelers and golf enthusiasts are normally encouraged to find out the best golf hotel when they come to Portugal is because of the fact that this will in most cases go so far in making sure that you are in a good position to have the time of your life. In order to help you with this decision, the following are some of the top 10 luxury golf hotels in this country:

  • Hotel Vila Gale Estoril
  • Navegador Cascais
  • Vila Bicuda Cascais
  • Residence Golf Club
  • Dom Pedro Golf Resort
  • Aldeamento Aldeia do Golf
  • Balaia Golf Village
  • Barringtons Golf and Spa
  • Morgado Golf & Country Club
  • Golf Motel

Hotel Vila Gale Estoril

Located right in front of the Tamariz Beach in Estoril, this is one of the most amazing hotels that you can check into. Apart from that, they also offer some reasonable rates in this part of the country.

Navegador Cascais

This doubles up as a hotel and a holiday apartment. It is an ideal location in the event that you are here with the rest of your family. This would be one of the most amazing opportunities for you, with just a few minutes between the hotel and the beach.

Vila Bicuda Cascais

Only half an hour from Lisbon, this presents the perfect opportunity for a golf holiday, more so with the proximity to 7 golf courses.

Residence Golf Club

This is a hotel apartment residence, perfectly taken care of and it always comes in high regard from all who have had the chance to stay there. There is nothing that should stop you from having fun here.

Dom Pedro Golf Resort

It is hard to find fault with this hotel, considering the incredible view and the proximity to golf courses.

Aldeamento Aldeia do Golf

This is in an ideal location, very clean and provides easy access to all the golf courses that you would love to visit.

Balaia Golf Village

This is pretty much one of the finest you will come across here, a perfect selection even for wedding events, and more importantly a family getaway.

Barringtons Golf and Spa

Besides the incredible golf facilities, you can also enjoy the spa facilities that are bound to give you the time of your life so far.

Morgado Golf & Country Club

This is a popular golf and country club in Portugal, and some people even refer to it as golf holiday paradise

Golf Motel

There is a good reason why this is normally referred to as the golf coaching holiday venue; it never disappoints.