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How to Escape a Sand Trap in Golf: a Quick Guide

Sand traps in golf can be tricky challenges to contend with. Most golfers at one point experience this type of play. It comes down to three elements. You need to know how to set yourself up for the shot. You need to review your swing technique and consider how much sand your club should pick up when you make your shot. These elements can give an idea of how you should approach the challenge. Here are some tips to help you escape a sand trap in golf.

Know How to Setup for the Shot

There are a few things you can do to ensure you have proper setup for your shot. Pay attention to your stance as it should be open. This means you will need to adjust how you stand. Your hips, feet and shoulders should be toward the left of where you want the ball to go (your intended target). The clubface of your iron should be aimed toward the right side of your target to give some loft. Your grip should not be too tight with your back hand facing your intended target. The forward of your stance should be where the ball is positioned.

Know Proper Technique for Swinging

There are a few things to keep in mind when you take your shot. As you swing you want to make it shorter than you would normally. This is to help control distance as you make contact. Cock your wrists fully to create club head speed from your arms and hands. Something else to note is to avoid chopping with your iron when you swing through. This should be a simple swing and your club head should shouldn’t be completely closed, but close enough to give you good position when you finish your swing.

How Much Sand Should You Take?

Is it really a big deal to take up a lot of sand or should you try to reduce it? You have to remember the amount of sand you take depends on how much your ball spins. If you have good control of your swing you can control how much sand your iron comes in contact with. You can try to hit the area of the ball that is roughly three inches up from the ground. It is okay to take some sand with you, but you can limit the amount to improve your result.