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What To Expect From The Oceanico Amendoeira Golf Course

What more can you expect from one of the finest golf courses in the world? There are so many people who have in the recent past had the incredible chance of playing a round or so of golf on the Oceanico Amendoeira golf course. Not only is this an ideal course, but it also doubles up as one of the best golf holiday spots in the region. You can bring your entire family here for an incredible experience that you will definitely live to enjoy for years to come.

While you can expect to have some fun on this course, we must also highlight the fact that the course is challenging especially on the 18th hole. This is definitely not for the faint hearted. Designed by Nick Faldo, this is an incredible course that would be a good find for you and your golf buddies. Located just off Silves in the middle of Algarve, it will only take you around half an hour from the airport to get to the Oceanico Amendoeira golf course.

In terms of the ambience, rest assured that you will enjoy your game in a peaceful environment unlike none other that you have ever played in before. Alongside the Oceanico Amendoeira, we also have Faldo and O’Connor Jnr, the only courses that have ever been designed in a rural area. Therefore you can marvel in the peaceful, quiet and pristine environment as you swing some iron with our friends. This also provides you ample time to relax once you have had your game, take some rest from a busy few weeks or months. It is the perfect getaway for someone who just wants to have some peace.

Apart from the 18 holes, these are also complemented by a par three 9 hole track. What’s more incredible about these tracks is that they are specially floodlit, meaning that you can enjoy your game day or night. While we mentioned earlier on that it is an incredible option for you to bring the rest of your family here, it is indeed true. Those who are not in the know on how to play quality golf can benefit from the practice areas from where you can learn how to putt and chip.

To be precise, Oceanico Amendoeira golf course is one of the best modern facilities that you can find around here.