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Why You Should Visit The Laguna Golf Course In Vilamoura

So you may ask, why should you go all the way to Portugal, just to visit the Oceânico Laguna Golf Course in Vilamoura? Well the simplest answer would be that it is located in Algarve! That place is like golfers’ paradise and there is simply no reason for you say no to that course. It is beautiful and it attracts thousands of golfers to play there. It might be a bit of a trip to visit the course, but if you love the sport and you want to expand your knowledge then it would certainly be worth going to the Oceânico Laguna. Here are more reasons why you should visit the course.

It’s difficult!

Normally this would be a serious concern for most golfers and they tend to not visit the course because of the difficulty. However, the difficulty isn’t manmade, but it is actually from natural elements! The landscape makes the course so exposed and that means wind can easily channel through the course. The result is that the course could play like a links course on some holes and the unique experience would definitely impress you. Of course, when the wind is not blowing, the course is very friendly on scoring, but golfers have to be aware of the weather conditions! It is the major factor in determining your score.

Awesome water features

Some of the most prominent protections of the course would be the water hazards around. It’s not like other courses where the water hazards would be the little tiny streams; it is actually some full size lakes at the Laguna! It offers some spectacular views and you would thoroughly enjoy it. Apart from the views, the water attracts plenty of wildlife and it would be nice seeing these cute animals so close to you!

Challenging bunkers

It is not often that you can find a course that has 79 bunkers built and Laguna is certainly one of the few. It makes you think before hitting your shot and you have to be strategic about your shots. The bunkers are actually a feature of the course and it would be nice for you to visit it and see what it looks like. Obviously it’s challenging, but that is also a chance for you to prove that you are more than capable of playing these shots and perhaps showing off your skills to your friends!