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List Of Must-Visit Parkland Golf Courses In Portugal

Parkland courses are loads of fun to play and easy on the eyes too. Designers of these courses relish the opportunity to impress players with aesthetic combinations of trees, shrubs and plants. The following four courses are our selection of the best parkland golf courses in Algarve, Portugal.

Silves Golf resort

The terrain at Silves golf course remains green all year round. This is not just because of the great weather, but also because of the clever landscape in and around the course. You will be overwhelmingly relaxed while playing amongst so much green and so much authentic Portuguese nature.

The course layout itself isn’t the most difficult, but it is far from being the easiest either. Polish up on your approach shots and your chipping for a good game.


While Morgado is considered a parkland course, it is less green than most. Not because there are any dying plants, but because there is a lot of rocky, mountainous terrain throughout. The course doesn’t have a lot of trees, but shrubbery and thick grass are two good reasons to stay out of the rough. Play this course with some good starting power shots and you can’t go wrong.

Oceanico Pinhal golf course

Pine trees and parkland terrain characterize the Oceanico Pinhal golf course. To miss these trees and take advantage of the narrow fairways, you will need to ensure your aim is on par (no pun intended). This course is a sure winner and we suggest you add it to your list of courses to visit while in Algarve.

The Espiche golf course

Espiche conveys everything that Portugal is about. While playing this golf course, you will be surrounded by farmland and country terrain. Most of the plants on this course are indigenous to Portugal so there’s never a dull area to be seen.

Besides the scenery, the course has many challenging aspects. However it’s not an impossibly difficult golf course and can be enjoyed by players of all levels. Be ready for all your skills to be tested.

These courses come highly recommended by us—and by those who have played them before. Each one also comes with excellent service delivery in terms of dining, bar area and golf equipment needs. So come and enjoy these courses with us; and enjoy Portugal at its finest.