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Where To Test Your Golf Long Game Skills In Algarve

Golf is made up of both long and short shots. Each part is very significant as it lays the foundation to successful play. The long game in particular plays an important role in getting the ball in the best position for subsequent short game shots. This means that, it is always important to practice your long game every chance you get. When you go on your golf holiday in Algarve, you will have a lot of time to practice your long game in the world class golf courses that litter Europe’s and probably the world’s most popular golf tourism vacation.

If you aim to enhance your long game with more practice, it is important to note that not all golf courses are suited to such activities. You need to know the type of facilities you are looking for to ensure that you can practice with the necessary freedom. The long game requires courses with a driving practice area or known for their challenging long game surface. Not all courses satisfy these conditions. To help you find the best courses to practice your long game in Algarve, we have put together the following list of available golf courses.

Alto Golf Course

This course is situated near the town of Portimao, one of Algarve’s golf havens. It was opened in 1991 and features a great driving range. It is also known for the most challenging 16th hole usually referred to as the giant in the golfing world due to the huge challenge it poses.

Faldo Golf Course

This expansive course offers numerous driving opportunities over 18 holes. It is a challenging course that is known to demand a lot of strategy in the approach and style of play adopted by golfers. To cap it all off, it has an amazing clubhouse to relax after expending your energy practicing long shots.

Onyria Palmares Golf Course

This is arguably the most attractive golf course in Algarve. It provides golfers with a challenge as it is built on a mountain slope. It also comes with putting and driving ranges golfers can use to sharpen their game for dominance when playing.

O'Connor Jnr. Course

This is a great option for golfers looking to practice as they advance through the course. It is littered with a variety of long game and short game practice areas as well as a dedicated driving range.