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Golf Tips: How to Excel from 100 Yards

Scoring from the 100 yard range is one of the biggest keys to taking your game to the next level. If you are able to consistently hit the green from 100 yards – and get the ball close to the hole from time to time as well – you can see your scores shrink quickly as opposed to missing greens and having to scramble to save par. Hitting good shots from 100 yards isn’t as difficult as hitting a long, straight drive, as long as you have a good idea of what you are doing.

The nice thing about a 100 yard shot is that you don’t need a lot of power to get the ball to the hole. Even a relatively gentle swing can send the ball 100 yards in the air, so long as you make good contact at impact. No matter if you need a 7-iron or a sand wedge to cover the distance, the elements of good technique remain the same.

  • Use a smooth, easy swing. Accuracy is lost when you swing as hard as you can, so make an easy swing on your 100 yard shots to hit the ball as close to your target line as possible. If you need to take an extra club – maybe a 9-iron instead of a pitching wedge – that’s just fine. The only goal is getting as close to the hole as possible, and it doesn’t matter what club you use to get the job done.
  • Be aggressive with your line. Even if the hole is cut close to a bunker, take dead aim at the flag and try to hit it close. You don’t get a ton of chances during a round of golf to attack from 100 yards, so go for it when you have the opportunity. You might miss from time to time, but chances are you will be rewarded with great shots more often than you are penalized.
  • Look for an uphill putt. It is never too soon to be thinking about your next shot. If you notice the green has a severe slope on one side of the hole or the other, play your shot so you have an uphill putt if at all possible. Often, an uphill putt from 10 feet will be easier to make than a downhill putt from 5. Good strategy can be just as important as technique when it comes to success from 100 yards.