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Eight Keys to Success on the Golf Course

Golf is a game of endless challenges. There is no such thing as ‘mastering’ golf – you can only hope to get a little bit better with each round you play and each day you spend practicing. In time, it is possible to improve vastly over what you are today, but that will only happen with persistence and dedication to the game.

Following are eight keys that will get you headed in the right direction with your golf game and hopefully lead to lower scores down the road.

  1. Practice your putting. Nothing helps your game more than becoming a good putter, so dedicate yourself to spending time on the practice green before each round. Even just a few minutes working on your short putts can make a big difference in terms of confidence and results.
  2. Don’t try to smash the ball. Distance is great, but it is not nearly as important as accuracy. Only swing as hard as you can without losing control or balance.
  3. Stick with your clubs for a long time. Growing comfortable with your clubs, and how they perform, will reward you in the end. It is okay to get some new sticks from time to time, but don’t change too frequently.
  4. Walk the course when you can. If you are physically able to walk the golf course while you play, do so when you get the chance. Walking the course gives you a better appreciation for the course itself, and can help you notice things that you might have missed in a cart.
  5. Control your wedges. Good wedge shots are key to scoring, yet many golfers have no control over the flight of their wedge shots. Learning how to hit a low-flighted shot can be very valuable round after round.
  6. Learn to play in the wind Totally calm conditions are rare on the golf course, so learn how to handle windy conditions. Swinging slower to put less spin on the ball is almost always a good idea when winds are a factor.
  7. Compete. Play in a tournament or two to put your game under some pressure and to find out what your weak points might be. When the pressure is on, the weakest parts of your game will quickly show themselves.
  8. Have fun. At the end of the day, golf is a great hobby to have, and you should enjoy it at all times.