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A list of hints on how to become a more precise putter

Putting can be challenging in golf when you do not take time to practice. Because this skill is important to the game, you need to understand how to improve your abilities so you won’t have to complete a hole with so many strokes. Being more accurate with your putting includes understanding distance and how to maintain control of the ball. The following hints can help you understand other perspectives to consider when working toward becoming a precise putter.

  • Practice your putting with putting drills. There is an assortment of putting drills that you can practice on and off the course. These drills can help you improve different elements related to putting such as proper grip, swing action, addressing the ball and understanding your stance. Such drills are like practice shots you can do with a few balls or without when you want to focus on how to use your club correctly.
  • Make sure your putter face is aimed correctly. If your putter face is not in line with the ball you will not be able to control were the ball rolls. This aspect can be assessed depending on how you want to improve the problem. You need to consider aspects such as how close the face is to the ground, your grip of the club and the position of your body between yourself and the ball.
  • Practice distance control. In many cases golfers need to take more strokes to complete their shot because they misjudge the distance between the ball and hole or themselves and the ball before they strike it. Take time to review the distance the ball will need to travel based on the technique or approach you want to use. You may need to make some changes before you hit the ball to get better results.
  • Visualize the line the ball will travel. This helps you line yourself up to ensure you get an accurate hit that will go straight across the green. A tip includes using a CD under a ball. If your eyes appear on the face of the CD as you stand over it, this tells you the ball is sitting directly under you. This element will help you hit the ball straight across your imaginary line.
  • Many pro golfers recommend using your non-lead hand to your advantage. This hand is further away from the hole. This can help you understand the relationship your wrists and non-lead hand have with the putter face.