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Practicing Before a Golf Round

It might sound like a great idea to practice before your next round of golf. After all, if you are going to head out onto the course, why not show up early and work on your game. You will be all that much more prepared for your round and ready to take on whatever comes your way on the course. Well, not so fast. There are a few problems with practicing before a round of golf, and you should think twice before doing so


Among the problems you might run into include:

  • Getting tired. Golf might not seem like the most demanding physical sport, but it can tire you out more than you might expect. In order to save your energy for your round, you want to keep pre-round practice to a minimum. The last thing you want to do is waste all of your good swings on the driving range, only to have tired, poor swings left when you actually get around to hitting the course.
  • Getting in your head. If you spend too much time thinking about mechanics and technique on the practice tee, it is easy to carry that over to the course and think too much there as well. By avoiding technical thoughts before your round, you can steer clear of getting in your own way and just let your natural ability come through and hit the shots.
  • Losing focus. A round of golf takes between four and five hours under most circumstances, which is a long time to maintain focus on your game. If you add in an hour or two of practice before that, you are looking at a long time to try and think about nothing but golf. By limiting your pre-round preparation to just 30 minutes or so, you won’t be asking so much of your focus and will have a better chance of hanging in there mentally throughout the day.

The key is to think about your pre-round preparation as a warm-up and not a practice session. You don’t want to be practicing before the round, you only want to be getting your muscles warm and your body prepared to play a round of golf. As soon as you are warmed up and have a good tempo going, you are ready to hit the first tee and take on the course. If you practice any longer than that, you are probably doing more harm to your game than good.