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7 Great Short Game Contact Tips For Amateurs

That elusive sweet spot is what every golfer aims for. But we often fail to hit the ball exactly where it should be hit. This has more to do with contact technique than actual club-to-ball aim. So here are seven tips on how to achieve better ball contact.

Keep the left arm straight

In order to control your shot, make sure your left arm is perfectly straight and stiff during the entire swing. Failure to do this will compromise your low point. If your elbows are bent, you can be sure you will hit the ball too low.

A forward grip equals good contact

At your setup, your grip should always be pushed forward. This plays hand in hand with the previous tip which is about keeping your left arm straight. If your grip is forward, you will have more control over the ball.

Feet and knees together and facing slightly forward

Your feet and legs should be tightly pressed against each other. Bend your knees slightly and position your body in a way that points them ever so slightly towards your target. Your feet and your knees should be angled about 5 degrees toward your aim.

Eyes during the dummy swing

Take a few dummy shots before making your swing. Unlike the actual swing, keep your eyes on the target while doing this. This creates a mindset of hitting the ball with the right amount of power to reach the desired distance.

Eyes during the actual swing

However, don’t do this when making your actual swing. Your eyes must remain on the ball. So many players lift their heads before contact is made. This will always render a shot that is skew, fat or thin.

Follow through in chipping shots

Don’t forget to follow through with your swing. With a decent follow through in mind while swinging, the clubface will make contact the way it’s supposed to.

Keep your wrists stiff

Your left wrist acts as a guide for your swing. If you flex that wrist, your swing will lose balance and all sorts of troubled will be the result. In chipping, both wrists should remain stiff. Let your arms and shoulders do the work—that’s all the movement you need. Remember to also keep your left arm straight without bending the elbow. The right elbow may bend slightly, but not too much.