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Useful Criteria To Help You Buy A Used Golf Club

It is tempting to dash out and buy new golf clubs. It is partly to impress others most of the time. If you have been introduced to the game of golf and have decided that it is the game for you then given that you can afford to buy all the things you need to play then why shouldn’t you?

Well to start with investing in golfs can be costly and you want to be certain that particular clubs suit your game. There is little point buying a driver with a shaft that is too strong for your swing or a bladed iron when you need something more forgiving. These may be two extreme examples of when you might waste your money. Remember that a golf club is effectively ‘used’ as soon as it is initially sold. It makes far more sense to let someone else make the mistake. If you have the opportunity to get used clubs then you will not only be saving money but you will get a real chance of using clubs to see if they suit you before making a major outlay. After all you will not be buying new clubs regularly if you make the right investment in the first place. Good clubs should last you for years so it is important to get things right.

There is never a reason to buy a club because it will impress others. Buy a club because it helps you and then it is potentially your scores that will earn the adjective ‘’impressive.’’ It is rare that you will not be able to find a used club for a fraction of what it would have cost new. There is nothing wrong in developing loyalty for a brand if you have got confidence from using its products over the years. There is no doubt that manufacturers are keen to retain customer loyalty and there is a tendency to be tempted by the latest technological claims that a club will help you get that extra few yards that may make a real difference to your game.

Whatever you do remember that some clubs will suit your game while others almost certainly will not. If you are a mid -handicap golfer then look at the used market before you stray from the type of equipment that should suit you and which should be available in the used section of a shop or website:

  • Driver; a regular shaft and loft of at least 9 degrees, preferably more.

  • Cavity back irons which are more forgiving than blades.

  • Rescue club or fairway wood rather than 2 or 3 iron which are so much more difficult to hit consistently.

  • Putter; whatever you are comfortable with because it is your decision about the time you want to devote to improving. An expensive putter guarantees nothing.