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How Far Away To Stand From The Ball: A Comprehensive Answer

Why is the distance between the golfer and the ball important? Clearly, like any other fundamentals of a golf shot, the gap too plays a vital role in the success of a stroke. Golfers who stand too far from the ball have to reach out and this would affect the swing plane resulting in a faulty swing. It’s neither advisable to stand too far or too close to the ball.

Results of an improper setup

What will happen if I stand too far or too close to the ball? You’ll encounter more problems than one. To start with, let’s say you’re far and have to stretch to hit the ball. This will result in poor balance. When you reach out your body weight rests on the toes resulting in topped shots. Whereas, standing too close will increase weight on the heels; resulting in a lousy shot.

The distance also impacts the swing path and the ball trajectory. The swing will become too horizontal or flat if there is too much gap between you and the ball. On the other hand too little gap will lead to vertical swings. Improper setup will also affect your shoulder turn, hip rotation, and spine angle.

How far should you stand from the ball?

We saw the repercussions of a faulty setup, so the question now is what is the ideal distance to maintain from the ball? Actually, there is no single answer for this question. Some clubs like the driver are long and some are short. So, the ideal distance from the ball changes for each club.

Here is a good technique to determine the ideal distance from the ball

  • Assume the proper posture. Take a normal stance and stand upright. Slowly bend your knees, just enough to see the upper part of your shoe.
  • Flex your waist and slightly lean forward. Simultaneously, your rear end must project backwards.
  • Grip the club and position it in front of your body. The club and your spine must be at right angles to each other.
  • The butt end of the club must point to your belt or hips.
  • Once you’ve assumed the right posture and stance get ready to address the ball. You should be totally relaxed to play the shot. Now, place the club behind the ball. The center of the club must be right behind the ball. If it’s not, then you’re either too far or close to the ball. To adjust the distance, maintain the same posture, but slide your feet forward or backwards till the center of the club is right behind the ball.