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What to Wear to Play Golf Comfortably in Hot Weather

Playing golf under the sun in hot weather can be great fun – as long as you are well prepared and able to handle the heat with the right clothing and gear. You don’t want to head out onto a hot golf course unprepared because you will likely be playing for four hours or more and could start to feel the effects of the heat rather quickly. Make sure you know what the weather is going to be like and dress accordingly for maximum comfort.

Consider using the following items as part of your hot weather golf equipment.

  • Shorts. Most golfers will want to wear shorts instead of pants to stay cool on a hot day. If you are going to wear shorts, make sure they conform to the dress code at the course you are going to be playing. Also, you might want to think about sunscreen on your legs to protect from getting burned during the round.
  • Golf hat. Keeping the hot sun off your head is a key to remaining comfortable during the round. Make sure you have a comfortable golf hat to protect the top of your head, and also to collect sweat on your brow. Additionally, the bill of the hat can serve to help keep the sun out of your eyes.
  • Lightweight shoes. Wearing heavy leather golf shoes on a hot day can make you hotter than you need to be. Look for golf shoes that are designed to be used in dry, hot weather to help your feet stay as cool as possible. Of course, you need to make sure that these golf shoes are still comfortable and will give you the traction you need to make your swing with confidence.
  • Bring extra socks. In addition to the socks that you start out wearing, bring another pair of socks along in your golf bag so you can change them out in the middle of the round. If it is hot, your feet will likely sweat quite a bit and your socks may be soaked before the round is over. Switching your socks is a good way to make your feet more comfortable and prevent against blisters.

Playing golf in hot weather can be great fun as long as you are prepared and are dressed appropriately. In addition to your clothes, make sure you bring plenty of water to stay hydrated and fresh throughout the round.