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Golf tips: how to increase the club head speed

If you want to improve your golf game you may be interesting in how you can increase club head speed. Swinging your iron as hard as you can does not necessarily apply and it is more complicated than that. You need to consider how to generate more power and speed. Your grip and how you swing can be a good place to start. This area of play is an area many golfers constantly look to improve because it can make a difference in how certain holes are played. The following tips are a few elements to get you started.

  • Try to increase the length of your backswing. Many golfers have been able to do this to help generate more speed to the club head. Maintain your control when you do so. If the golfer has no control it will not matter how fast the club is moving or being swung. The control of the backswing length is crucial to efficiently increasing speed of the club head.
  • As you come through the ball your hands should slow down. You want to create lag between the shaft and club head. Doing this may feel awkward but it also helps in maintaining control of the club through the swing sequence. The more you do it the easier it will be to get used to.
  • Take your hips and turn them in toward the ball. Doing so will help your shoulders move the ball forward. Into and through the ball your hips should twist. This can help increase speed of the club head sooner than you think.
  • Strength training is an option to help you with club head increase. In doing so you can focus on certain areas of the body in developing strength such as shoulders, muscles and arms. You can work on these area a few days a week.
  • Take your time perfecting your method for increasing your speed. You need to understand how to have the proper control necessary in order to execute the speed you need. Be patient as related techniques can take time to develop and adopt.
  • Get additional ideas on how to increase your speed through visual aids such as videos and photos. It can be helpful to see someone demonstrate the best form and approach for better understanding and additional insight.