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Learn How to Play the Golf Flop Shot

Let’s be honest – the short game isn’t all that exciting. Sure, it is important to your score at the end of the day, but the shots you have to practice to have a good short game aren’t terribly interesting. Except the flop shot. Hitting a flop shot is risky because it is so hard to pull off, but it can be a great thrill is you are able to pull it off at just the right moment.

To hit a good flop shot, you should start with your basic chipping stance and grip, and then make a few adjustments. Use the following tips to guide your practice as you try to get comfortable with this challenging short game shot.

  • Lay the face open. One of the first steps toward a flop shot is laying the face of your wedge open at address. If you are going to hit a true flop shot, you will need to lay the clubface all the way open so that you can loft the ball high up into the air.
  • Open your stance as well. You probably already chip from an open stance, but you should open it even more for a flop shot. It will help you to get the ball up into the air if you cut across it at impact from outside-to-inside, and that is easier to do when you start from an open stance.
  • Take a long swing. A good flop shots requires a long, fluid swing in order to build speed an slide the club under the ball. This is where many amateur golfers get nervous and slow down through impact. If you are going to go for a flop shot, you have to be confident and commit to it. Practice is important to get comfortable with taking a long swing to hit such a short shot.
  • Read the lie. Even if you want to hit a flop shot, sometimes the lie just will not allow it. If your ball is sitting down in some longer grass, you aren’t really going to have a chance to hit a flop shot. Similarly, you will have a hard time executing a flop shot from a tight lie with very little grass. Ideally, you want to find a lie that has the ball sitting up on top of some grass that is either fairway height or a little longer.