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Quick tips on how to improve your golf swing technique

Improving your swing technique can be one of the best ways to improve your game on the course. There are different elements that go into developing and perfecting your technique. It may not always be about swinging harder or faster, but more in relation to balance, control and being consistent with your moves. You can practice with effective drills designed to help you pin point problem areas you can work on improving. Here are a few tips to help you think about your technique and how to find the best options to get better swing technique results.

  • When you grip the club makes sure to use your fingers instead of your palm. If your pressure is too tight you will not be able to release when you make impact with the ball. a medium pressure can provide good balance and control.
  • Have proper posture as you address the ball. Your knees should be flexed as you lean over the ball. Your arms should not have tension in them; they should hang freely. Your shoulders will be in place over your knees with the heels of your feet supporting your weight. Your front foot will help you position your ball just off to the side. As you hit the ball your feet should be shoulder distance apart.
  • Make note of any hazards in the way of your shot. You can determine from here where you want to hit the ball and where you do not want it to land. You can envision your target line. From here you can make your club face align with this line. To help you keep your shot in line, find something such as a blade of grass to help you hit the ball straight.
  • When you turn your shoulders the club should go back. Your left arm will be slightly bent absent of tension. This should occur as you swing your club with your shoulder coming close to your chin. Your back foot will catch your weight as you move into the top of the swing.
  • During the downswing your wrists should be cocked. When the club makes contact with the ball they can be released. The sweet spot should get good contact when your weight shifts. As you follow through the motion maintain your posture and balance.