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Three Golf Tips for Consistent Shots: How to Control Your Breathing

In your pursuit of playing better golf, you have probably tried just about everything from changing your grip to fixing your stance and more. However, you might not have thought about controlling your breathing during a round of golf as one of the ways you could improve. However, it is actually possible to improve your performance just by being aware of your breathing and how it can affect your performance. This might seem like a simple detail, but you may be surprised at how large of a change it could make when you are on the course.

The following three tips should help you as you work on controlling your breathing during a round of golf.

  • Take a moment before a shot. When getting ready to hit a shot, you are likely going through a lot of different thoughts such as club selection, target, and more. While those preparations shouldn’t leave you out of breath, you could benefit from taking one last moment before the shot to take a deep breath in and a nice, long exhale. That breath can serve to get your mind set on the shot you are going to hit, and can even before part of your pre-shot routine.
  • Don’t rush up the fairway. If you are walking the course during your round, try not to rush up the fairway in a hurry to get to your next shot. You don’t want to play slow – but you don’t want to play too fast either. Walk at a comfortable pace so you aren’t out of breath before you try to hit your next shot. As long as you can control your breathing and not get winded during your trip up the fairway, you should be able to comfortably set up for the next shot without any trouble.
  • Relax your nerves. When you get nervous, you might find that you start to breathe faster as your heart rate accelerates. It is important to calm those nerves down before you hit your next shot if you are going to be able to control your breathing. Take a couple deep breaths prior to hitting a shot that you are nervous about, and you might find that the nerves quickly fade away. While you won’t be able to hide from your nervous feelings when you are under pressure, a couple deep breaths can go a long way.