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How To Cure Your Problems With Hitting Wedge Shots

Have you been sticking your wedge shots every time you get on the golf course? This is a problem that does not only afflict the amateur or beginner golfers, but it is actually something that a number of experienced players also struggle with from time to time. It is because of this that you will come across lots of instruction manuals out there for players to help them learn how to perfect the wedge shots. A wedge shot is one of the most important shots in the game of golf, and it is for this reason therefore that you need to make sure you do not end up struggling with it.

  • It does not matter whether you are hitting the wedge as your third shot on a par 5 or whether you are hitting it on a par 4 as the second shot. The wedge is still one of the most important shots you can ever work with. One of the most important things you will learn about using the wedge is that you must position yourself appropriately for you to get it right. The proper position often means so much and can also help you deliver so much to your swing,
  • As you take the swing, you need to keep the rest of the lower body quiet and from making any movement. In the event that you have ever had the chance of watching one or a few professional players hit the wedge, you will certainly realize that as they make the shot, the lower body hardly ever makes any movement. The wedge does not require much energy to perform either. It is because of this reason that the lower body does not need to play any role in the wedge.
  • However, in as much as you do not need to use the lower body, it would be a lie to tell you that you are able to make the perfect hit without opening up your hips. For a wedge shot, you are supposed to open up your hips only at the address. The function behind this is to make it easier for the arms and shoulders to go on and hit the ball properly, making the perfect wedge without necessarily involving the lower part of the body in this shot. As always, you need to keep practicing this so that you can perfect it.