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Winning Golf: Setup Position Hints

Good golf swings start from before the club ever moves back away from the ball. Your setup position has a lot to do with the final result of your shot, so taking time to perfect how you stand over the ball is a smart use of a practice session. Getting into a comfortable and athletic setup position is something that every golfer can do with a little bit of rehearsal and understanding of some basic points.

Following are three hints that should make it easier to find that perfect setup position for you and your swing.

Hint #1 – Comfortable Knee Flex

Having slightly flexed knees at address allows you to move athletically during the swing and also helps you keep your balance properly. If you were to stand with straight legs at address, you wouldn’t be able to make a full turn back, and as a result would lose power. Also, it would be more difficult to make solid contact at impact and you would be left fighting to hit the ball cleanly each time. Step up to the ball with your needs flexed just enough to feel athletic and prepare you for the movement ahead.

Hint #2 – Chin Up

One of the most-common mistakes that is made in the golf setup position is having the chin pushed down into the chest while looking down at the ball. Most golfers think they need to keep their head down, so they force it way down to the point where it actually gets in the way of the shoulder turn. Instead, think of the address position as needing to have your head up, but your eyes down. You want to be looking down at the ball, but your chin should be up enough that it is out of the way of your shoulders as they rotate through the swing.

Hint #3 – Balanced in All Directions

There should be no leaning in any direction when you are in your setup position – not forward or backward, and not left or right. Balance right in the middle of your stance is ideal so that you can try to make your swing while staying balanced throughout. If you start in an off-balance position, there is very little chance that you can hope to get back on balance and maintain it through the rest of the swing. Make every effort to get balanced in your setup, and the rest of your swing will be better for it.