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How to Improve Your Golf Game in Five Steps

When you set out to make improvements to your golf game, it can be hard to know where to start. The goal is obviously lower scores, but how do you go about making that happen? What part of your game should you work on first? Instead of just heading out to the range and practicing without a purpose, you will be better of putting together a plan and then taking action.

Following are five steps to help you create a plan for improving your game. You should customize these steps to better fit with your own personal needs, but you can use this as a good place to start.

Step One – Short Game Focus

As part of your plan, make sure that you are spending half of your total practice time on the short game. Most golfers neglect their short games, preferring to stand on the range and hit balls instead. By committing to your short game, you can develop a better all-around game.

Step Two – Consistent Practice

You don’t have to practice golf every day to get better – but you should make an effort to practice as frequently as possible. By fitting in regular practice days, even just once a week, you will be able to build on your practice and get better as the weeks go by. If you only practice once every month or so, it will be hard to make real progress that you can see translate to your scorecard.

Step Three – Get a Coach

This step isn’t required to get better, but it can help if you want to make the commitment to work with a golf pro on improving your swing. Most golf courses have teachers available, so ask at your local course about taking lessons from the resident pro.

Step Four – Get Fitted

There is no need to buy expensive golf equipment to play better, but getting your clubs fitted to your swing is a good idea. Most golf courses or golf shops offer fitting services for a fee. These services will help you see how well your equipment is matched to your golf swing, and what kind of changes to your equipment could be beneficial to your game.

Step Five – Compete

There is no better way to learn about your game and test yourself than playing in a tournament or two. By playing in an tournament at your local course, you will see which parts of your game hold up under pressure, and which need work. In addition to helping you learn more about your game, tournaments are also great fun and a good way to meet other golfers.