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How to Become a Better Golfer: Eliminating the Slice Once and for All

It’s difficult to recognize that there’s a slice in your stroke until you see how skew your ball ends up going. If this problem isn’t addressed early on in your stroke practice, your shots will always remain inconsistent and your game will ultimately suffer. So while it’s almost impossible to see yourself slicing the ball, there are ways you can prevent it from happening.

Keep your club face angle closed

A rookie mistake that seems to carry over to veteran players is one of holding the club a little less than straight. If your club face isn’t closed (straight by the time it hits the ball), your ball will inevitably curve.

Strengthen your grip

Part of keeping your angle closed is strengthening the grip of both hands. If you are right handed, your left hand will be on top and your right below it. A common mistake is not tightening the grip of the right hand sufficiently, which causes a lack of control when swinging; allowing the club face to open.

Concentrate on the direction of your swing

Even if you manage to keep your club face straight, you still need to swing straight. This is the one thing you can be fully conscious of while doing. Develop a habit of ‘noticing’ the direction of your swing. Recognizing directional mistakes will help you improve on them during games.

The difference between swinging and pushing

The most important—yet seldom taught—pointer is to learn how to swing the club instead of pushing it.

  • The wrong way: Concentrating too much on the forward swing and less on the back swing will usually cause you to push the club towards the ball, making it very difficult to aim correctly.
  • The right way: A proper backswing and correct hip movement will automatically result in swinging the ball. By implementing a coil- or spring-like backswing, you will gain more control and eliminate slicing from your shots.

Timing your shot right

Correct timing refers to the alignment of two factors at the same time.

  • First; as the club hits the ball, the club angle should be straight (see points one and two). This also contributes to a nice follow through in your swing, ensuring a shot that has power behind it.
  • Second; as you make contact with the ball, your hips should twist outward. With practice, you will learn to time your shot correctly by making sure that both these factors are synchronized during your shot.