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Aiming Your Irons Better When You are Under Pressure

Playing golf under pressure is significantly more difficult than just playing a casual round with your friends. It is common for scores to be much higher in competition, simply because of the pressure that comes along with it. It is one thing to be able to improve your game on the practice range or while playing a round by yourself – it is quite another to play well when it counts.

Aiming your iron shots properly is a key to any round of golf, but it is even more important during a round filled with pressure. Your swing might not be as sharp as it is normally when the pressure is on, so it is extra important that you aim as well as possible to give your shots a good chance to find their target. Following are a few tips to help you aim your irons accurately even under pressure.

  • Stick to your routine. One of the first things to happen when you play golf under pressure is you can get out of your routine and start to rush or hurry through your shots. Make sure you stick to the same routine you always use – try not to do anything different than usual. That means picking a specific target and getting the club face aligned accurately toward it before proceeding with your swing.
  • Pick a safe target. When you try to hit an aggressive shot that will take your ball dangerously close to a hazard, your subconscious might encourage you to aim away from that hazard as you take your stance. To prevent this problem, pick a more conservative target that you are comfortable with right from the start. Conservative golf is almost always the better way to go as compared to risking hitting your ball into the water or even out of bounds. Play it safe, and keep your ball on the short grass whenever possible.
  • Deep breath. Sometimes, all it takes is a deep breath to relax your nerves and get into the rhythm of the round. Before you start your pre shot routine and get ready to aim your club, take a deep breath and try to quiet those nerves. With your mind a little more calm, you can then go about the business of getting ready to hit a good shot. Your practice time has prepared you to aim correctly and hit a quality shot, so relax and let it happen.