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What is the environmental impact of golf courses?

There is an ongoing argument over golf courses and whether they are good or bad for the environment. To understand this further it is a matter of reviewing how they affect their natural surroundings. Opinions are virtually split as some feel golf courses help the environment while others feel they go beyond in hurting the environment in more ways than one. The good news is there are several things people can do to help encourage such courses to have a positive impact on the environment.

What Are Good Reasons Golf Courses Impact the Environment?

There are golf courses that are in different shapes and sizes. When taken care of with good maintained they are easy on the eyes and beautiful to look at. They can be designed in a way that can reduce their impact while providing homes and habitats for animals. This type of development may not leave such a harsh footprint on the environment like a power plant, shopping mall or housing developments may have. There are wetlands that can be incorporated into their development with some courses having historical significance in helping to preserve land areas.

What Are Negative Ways Golf Courses Impact the Environment?

It takes acres of land to make a golf course with some courses damaging natural elements such as habitat, plants and vegetation. Sometimes things are planted at golf courses just to make the course look better but the plants may not be native to the area. Keeping the grass nice, plush and green can take a considerable amount of water along with other thing such as pesticides and fertilizers to name a few. The use of chemicals on the course may affect local land water or groundwater contamination. Some animals may lose their homes or be forced to live in another area. Some courses may block access to beach or coastal areas.

So What Is the Verdict?

There are both positive and negative impacts a golf course has on the environment, but there are things you can do as a golfer to help minimize their effects. You can get in touch with local officials behind the development and care of golf courses to voice your opinions. You can learn what local course owners are doing to help preserve and care for their courses while encouraging methods that are “green” or safer for the environment.