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The Main Do's And Don'ts Of Performing A 40-Yard Pitch

The 40-yard pitch is a challenging shot for players and it can be intimidating. Fortunately, there are a few simple actions you can do to help yourself see better results. The key is to focus on hitting the ball closer to the hole and eventually getting lower scores as a result. Overtime, when you pinpoint strengths and weaknesses it will be easier to make the shot and even get a hole in one. Here are dos and don’ts to consider when performing a 40-yard pitch shot.

  • Do: Focus on where you want the ball to land. This keeps things realistic as you focus on your abilities in what you can do.
  • Don’t: Focus on where the ball may end up. This takes your focus away from where you can actually get the ball to go and it can make your play seem impossible to complete. You already know where the ball could end up but you shouldn’t have to focus on this element anyway.
  • Do: Open your clubface just a bit to help the ball get more loft during the shot. This helps you achieve a smooth follow through as you make contact. An open clubface can make a difference in helping your ball move. It also keeps things in perspective when considering the invisible line for your club to travel.
  • Do: Accelerate your arms as you complete your swing. This helps you maintain control of the swing as you come from your backswing and go into your downswing. This is not the same as swinging really hard, but as you come down from you backswing your arms should move with enough acceleration to help you follow through after the ball is hit.
  • Don’t: Complete the shot with a closed stance. Your stance should be open just a bit to help you achieve balance. Your feet are even behind the ball and slightly open, but during practice shots you could have your left foot slightly forward with most body weight on your lead foot/leg.
  • Do: Get plenty of practice on making this shot. The 40-yard pitch shot is more than just swinging your club really well. As you practice the motion of the shot you gain more insight on how important it is to understand how your body plays a role in establishing a good result.