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Golf Tips for Improving the Accuracy of Your Tee Shots

Would you like to hit more fairways during your next round of golf? Of course you would – who wouldn’t? While all golfers would love to see their ball end up in the fairway after every tee shot, the game just isn’t that simple. It is difficult to hit a high percentage of fairways, and it takes practice and smart thinking to find even one or two more per round. However, if you are able to make an improvement in this area of your game, you will be rewarded with lower scores in the near future.

When it is accuracy off the tee you are after, try the simple tips below –

  • Tee it lower. This applies specifically when hitting a driver off the tee. Most golfers tee the ball up rather high – at least to where half of the ball is visible above the top of the club head. This is fine when you are trying to maximize distance, but it also makes it harder to be accurate. Instead, try teeing the ball up lower and see what effect it has on your ball flight. Chances are you will find it easier to hit the ball straight when you make this adjustment, and it might not cost you as many yards as you think.
  • Focus on rotation. If you use your hands too aggressively during the swing, you will find it difficult to square the clubface at impact and hit a straight shot. Rather than using your hands to move the club through impact, try focusing on your body rotation and using it to build speed while maintaining control over the club head. When you are able to drive your swing with the lower body, you will find that the challenge of hitting the ball straight suddenly becomes much easier.
  • Pay attention to the tee box. This tip is more mental than physical, but it can be just as useful as the ones above. When you step onto the tee box for a given hole, make sure you carefully look down the fairway and pick out a target that you wish to aim at. From there, compare your target to the direction that the tee box is pointing – because they might not be the same thing. Many golfers accidentally lineup their shot in whatever direction the tee box is pointing, regardless of whether or not that is where they want to hit the ball. Ignore the tee box orientation and make sure you line up properly toward your selected target.