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5 Golf Tips to Help You Avoid Hitting a Shank

A shank in golf is when a golfer hits the ball with the neck of their club. When this occurs it makes the ball fly in a direction beyond what the golfer intended. The shot ends up looking kind of awkward in many cases. Some golfers get discouraged pretty quickly when this occurs and wonder if they will be able to make a change for the better in their swinging. The good news is this is an issue many golfers experience and it can be fixed. Here are 5 tips to consider when avoiding the dreaded shank hit in golf.

  1. Review how you set up for the shot. Make sure you have proper posture when you approach the ball. As you get ready to grip the club your arms should hang from your sides. Be sure to bend your waist at your torso and make adjustments to your feet and shoulders (they should be aligned).
  2. Your arms should be free of tension to help you release the club properly when you swing. Any tension in your arms could pass on to your hands and this could create a grip that is too tight. If your hands are too tight when you swing you will not be able to release the club properly.
  3. Try to avoid cutting across when taking your shot. You will also want to avoid an inside-out swing shot. You can do a practice drill to help you reduce this risk. You can practice swinging your club over your ball but note the plane it travels and how you need to keep it in line.
  4. Look for good weight shift in your legs. The leg closest to the hole should get most of the weight when it shifts. You should also consider elbow movement. Keep your elbow close to you as you swing to maintain control of the club when weight shifting occurs.
  5. Make a decisive choice on what to do quickly, but don’t spend too much time thinking about it or you’ll develop fear. If you stand over the ball too long you may end up shanking. Just address the ball and make sure you know where your target is before you hit it. Try not to obsess over the fact for too long or you may never really pinpoint your problem.