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How to Build a Long Distance Swing: Golf Tips & Drills

A long distance swing can help you get good coverage on the course when considering travel distance of the ball. When you need to get the ball to go further it is more than just swinging really hard. Some golfers get tense and it shows through their swing. This can actually kill the amount of distance you could achieve. Part of this is failing to understand how the club head plays a big role in this element. An important element to remember is you want your swing motion to be a free flow. Here are a few points to help you build distance in your golf swing.

  • The distance you want will come from your club head. This means you need to think about how your body will act as leverage when you swing your club in multiple directions.
  • Eliminate tension. Your hands are the source of most tension you experience. It travels through your arms, shoulders and chest. This is something you need to avoid as it reduces the speed of the club head.
  • Understand proper grip. When you practice gripping and swinging, pay attention to the amount of pressure you use when gripping your iron. As you take your shots you should notice a difference in speed, especially if you make adjustments.
  • Your wrists should hinge. This means as you swing your arms and your wrist should follow through the swing motion. If you swing with just your arms this will not give you enough power behind the swing. You will need to understand timing of when this should occur; either at the bottom or top of your backswing. Many feel it should occur at the beginning of the backswing.
  • Try avoiding letting your wrist unhinge too soon. You will cast the club head (casting). When you follow through naturally the force of the movement will help you complete the movement with the free flow necessary.
  • Wrist movement should be voluntary or natural. When you hit the ball you are not actually giving the ball power. When you swing this is where the power is drawn from. Both actions actually produce different results depending on how your arms and wrist follow through as you use your iron. You should avoid forcing the action of hitting the ball. You can feel it when you swing naturally.