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What Is the Secret to Improving Your Golf Swing Technique?

A good golf swing is a secret in itself. You need to have proper control to ensure you make good contact with the ball. At the same time you have a better idea than anybody else on how well you are able to swing your iron with precision. But, when you need to improve how you make contact with the ball your swing will need some adjustments. At times this could be the reason why you are not able to get the ball where you want it to go. The good news it there are simple things you can do to improve your swing technique.

  • Know how you should hold your golf club. A good hold is part of the secret to establishing a great swing. You can use a natural hand position when you hold the club. This will help you square off your clubface and increase chances of making solid contact when you swing. Your thumbs should point down when you put your hands on the club. Your lead hand may grip the club first, then your other hand will wrap around your lead hand to help align your thumbs.
  • Find a good grip to use. Sometimes you need to change your grip. Make sure you don’t grip the club too tightly to create unnecessary tension. You can choose between the Vardon grip, interlocking grip or the ten finger baseball grip. Proper grip will also help wrists hinge when they need to during your swing motion. You can practice between each type of grip to find the most comfortable option.
  • Have good stance. There are a few elements that go into this aspect you should pay attention to. You need good posture and slightly bending at the knees. You need to relax to keep your grip and stance with good balance. Your feet should be spread but in line with your shoulders. Your body should also be in position to help you hit the ball. Meaning, your body should be aligned to help you hit the ball in a straight line toward its target.
  • Review basics of a good swing technique. Your backswing and your downswing work together to help you achieve the result you want. This means if your backswing needs some work this could affect the outcome of your downswing. Your motion should be smooth.