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Wedge Play Essentials: 7 Biggest Mistakes Most Amateur Golfers MakeĀ 

There are a number of mistakes that are normally associated with amateur golfers, which perhaps you might not be expecting of professional players. However, over the years from time to time we have seen professional players make some of these rookie mistakes in terms of wedge play, and herein we discuss some of them so that you do not end up repeating them either.

Lack of a proper warm up

Mistakenly considered by some as a sedentary kind of sport, golf actually exerts its toll on the body, physically, so it is important for you to ensure that you get a proper warm up session before you start. Pay special attention to the muscles, shoulders, legs and back.

Failure to confirm equipment

Typically, life on the greens is smooth. However, never assume that everything is okay. Before you trudge off to the greens for a nice game with your friends, or for a good game at the club, make sure that you double check to ensure everything is in order.

Wong ball syndrome

It is important that you make sure you have the correct ball for your level of handicap. You should focus on the distance and durability, accuracy, and control. All of these will however depend on the kind of a player that you are.


In this game you need not lie to yourself, or you might end up hurting yourself, and bruising your ego while you are at it. Just because you know Tiger Woods can manage 220 yards does not necessarily mean that given similar circumstances you will enjoy the same results.

Failing to clean the grooves on the clubs

There are so many amateur golfers who normally make this costly mistake of not being able to clean the clubs well enough, such that when they hit it, it hardly ever gets a decent spin on the green.

Tee in front of the tee box

Teeing the ball just ahead of the invisible line that exists between the two tee boxes is something that frustrates most players, because it leads to a stroke play and a penalty stroke. Should you continue the same mistake over and over, you can get disqualified.

Dropping an unplayable ball from the rough

This is a common amateur mistake, dropping a ball anywhere on the fairway and picking up play from there. In the event that you cannot play your ball, you should take a penalty one stroke instead.