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How To Carry Out Uphill Chip Shots On The Golf Course

Uphill shots are harder than they look. At times when you ball is lying on a slope, you will need to know exactly what club to use as well as how to address the ball from the start. Because the ground is sloped, your feet play an important role in how well you pull off this shot. Upper body is just as important, so here is a rundown on all the basics of making an uphill shot.

Feet close together – ball centre

An important part of making an uphill shot is how you stand. Your stance should be narrower than usual. This will give you more control when you make your swing and also help keep your body stable. Your left foot (for right hand players) should be slightly behind the right so that you have a better follow through on your shot.

Stand flush with the ground

Your feet will have to accommodate the gradient of the ground. It may feel awkward at first, but you should try to align your whole body in such a way that your ball and club look as if they are on level ground. When you finally make your swing, this will be the hardest part to maintain. Make a few dummy shots first just to be sure you are pulling it off correctly.

Use 9-iron for uphill shots

Avoid using a chipping wedge for an uphill shot. 9-irons have less of a loft which will serve a better purpose in shooting the ball straight. At first you may think that more of a loft is better so that your ball can be chipped higher, but in fact you ball will attain enough height with a 9-iron as well as the push it needs to clear the dune.

Shoulders to mirror the ground’s gradient

In the same way your feet should be lined up with the hill, so too should your shoulders. Shoulder alignment plays an important part in connecting the ball properly. Therefore make sure your shoulders are perfectly aligned with your feet—which are also accommodating the ground.

Once you get all these details in order, you will have to make the swing. It may seem daunting at first, but have confidence in your shot. Simply picture yourself as standing level with the ground, even though the ground is not level.