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Performing The Low Draw Punch: The Complete Instruction

There’s no better feeling than seeing your ball roll down the middle of the fairway. But this is hardly even possible when the wind is at high speeds. That’s when a punch shot comes in handy. Punch shots shoot low and pierce through or underneath the wind. Here’s how to perfect the low draw punch shot.

How to gauge how low the ball will shoot

The most important point to remember when making a punch shot is that the further back the ball is in your stance, the lower it will travel. Try to make a conscious decision on how low you want the ball to go. Consider the wind, the terrain and the angle of the surface. Now move forward as much as you want the ball to shoot low.

Grip should be way forward

Push your grip quite a lot forward. Don’t do this slightly—your grip must be far forward in order for the ball to thrust forward as hard as possible. Remember that going low is only half of your mission. The other half is hitting a punch that penetrates the wind before it has a chance to influence your aim.

It’s all about weight distribution

Now when you begin your address, place about 60% of your weight on the left foot. As you make your upswing, keep try to keep your weight steady without any distribution at first. Then, as you make your downswing, follow weight distribution as you would a normal iron shot. The trick here is to keep your weight slightly more on the left foot during the upswing, as this delivers the punch.

Short follow through should be the result of a correct stance

You can test whether the shot is delivered correctly. When your shot has been made, the club face should not end up over your head as it would in a normal shot. Instead, the club face must be facing more towards the target. If your club is pointing slightly to the right of the target, even better.

Try this punch shot on your next driving range session. You’ll quickly get the feel for how to make this shot and soon see how your stance affects the way the ball moves. It won’t be long before punch shots come naturally to you when you need them—and you are likely to need them quite often.