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How To Get Rid Of The Hook: Golf Guide For Dummies

Have you ever wondered how you are going to stop hooking the ball when you are on the golf course? It really is an annoying shot shape at times – you just see the ball starting on your intended target, only to witness the ball drift towards the left. That spells trouble! You don’t want that hook to stay with you forever, do you? Well here are a few key steps that you must follow to get rid of the hook right now:

  • Check clubface
  • There is only one way for you to hit a hook and that is with a closed clubface. A closed clubface essentially means your clubface is pointing towards the left hand side at impact. That is why if you are struggling with the hook, it would be wise to ‘hold’ the clubface off where it just sort of stays open for longer. This would certainly minimise your problem.

  • Check swing path
  • Along with the clubface at impact, your swing path plays a key role as well. If you are swinging the golf club in-to-out with a closed clubface, then chances are that the ball will hook quite considerably. To avoid that, you must swing the golf club in-to-in, where the ball will follow a much tighter flight path.

  • Never get too whippy with your hands
  • It might be tempting to that because that adds a few more yards to your drive! Well, in golf it’s not always about the distance, it’s about the accuracy as well. If you were whipping your hands, which means you are flipping them all over the places and that would just exaggerate your hooking problems. A good piece of advice for you would be to play a bit more conservative and just take a few yards off! You will notice the effects immediately.

  • Check stance
  • Sometimes you might be standing very open (where your feet are aiming a long way left), and that would promote your body to rotate too much! It’s not a bad thing if you are looking to gain distance but that would definitely reduce your ability to control the direction of the golf ball. So that means the hook could be related to your stance as well! In general, just keep the stance square and parallel to your intended target and you will be hitting the ball long and straight.