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What The Pros Think Of Boavista Golf Course In Portugal

When you visit Algarve – the golf paradise of Europe – there are a few courses you should never miss. The Boavista Golf Course is one of them. Tourists and professional golfers who have visited this course have nothing, but praise to shower on the Boavista. Why do the pros love the Boavista Golf Course? Let’s find out.

  • Opened in 2002, the architect Howard Swan designed this course. When you’re on the course you might think the designer had nothing much to do. The course perfectly integrates and harmoniously mixes with the terrain on which it sits. The surrounding landscape comprising of the Algarve coastline and the majestic Monchique Mountain add beauty to this already fantastic course.

  • The Boavista Course near Lagos is a good blend of two distinct set of holes. This adds variety to the course and makes it more challenging to the players. Holes 1 to 3 and 13 to 18 form part of the Resort Section and the remaining, holes 4 to 12, are part of the Country Section. It won’t take you long to find out that you need to adopt different strategies to perform well on this course.

  • The Boavista Course comprises of a number of memorable holes starting with the downhill first hole. Talking of memorable holes, we can’t continue without mentioning the signature (par-4) seventh hole. The hole offers stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. The seventh hole is part of the outward going set of holes. Other holes on this course that are worth special mention are the par-4, sixth – golfers have to hit over a natural ravine from this hole. Players will have to negotiate water hazards on fourteenth, fifteenth, and seventeenth holes.

  • You don’t have to arrive at the course carrying anything. The pro shop offers the best golf gears and wears. Players will find the best brands of golf equipment stocked, and the staff will help choose the perfect golf equipment for you.

  • The course also has outstanding practice facilities in the form of practice greens and driving range, and professionally managed Golf Academy where golf lessons are taught by experienced instructors. Players can comfortably relax at the lounge, bar, and restaurant that’s part of the clubhouse.

  • Another feature that has captured the attention of the tourists and players is the app launched by the course. Learn the details of the resort, the features, and amenities, and also peruse the list of upcoming events and offers on the app.