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Rotary Swing Tricks: Learn the Body Rotation

While many golfers think that the arms are the key to power in the golf swing, speed is actually generated through body rotation. When you are able to use the rotation of your body to turn the club away from the target – and then unleash it down toward the ball – you will start to realize the full potential that your swing actually possesses. It can take time and practice to learn how to use your body rotation correctly, but it is a powerful lesson and it worth your time to discover for yourself.

As you work on your swing on the driving range and try to find that perfect body rotation, use the tips below to help you along.

  • Back to the target. One of the most-simple ways of thinking about body rotation is that your back should be pointing towards the target at the top of your backswing. Try making a practice swing and pausing when your reach the end of the backswing – is your back to the target? If not, you need to work on rotation in the backswing to get into a more powerful position. Different golfers have different amounts of flexibility, so you might not be able to turn your back completely to the target, but get as close as you can comfortably.
  • Stay in your stance. While you are working on rotating your upper body in the swing, make sure you don’t stand up out of your stance and straighten your legs. You want to keep the flex in your knees throughout the backswing so that they are engaged and ready to provide a strong platform for you to rotate through the shot and into your finish position.
  • Don’t rush it. There is no need to hurry through the rotation of your swing. One of the advantages that you have in golf over other sports is that the ball isn’t moving – you only have to hit it when you are ready. Allow your swing to build speed naturally over the course of the rotation that you make, and don’t feel like you have to rush in one direction or the other. Good tempo is vital to a quality golf swing that is both powerful and repeatable. Rushing through the swing won’t provide you with any extra distance, but it might make it hard to make solid contact on each swing.