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How You Can Cure Your Golf Slice

Hitting a slice is one of the most frustrating experiences in golf. Seeing the ball fly high and way off to the right (for a RH golfer) is a sinking feeling and can have damaging effects to your scorecard. If you are going to lower your scores and play better golf on a consistent basis, the slice will have to go. While fixing a slice can be a daunting task at first, it is possible with the right technique and plenty of practice.

Most often, a slice occurs when hitting a driver, so this article will focus on solving that specific problem. Each of the three tips below will help you to correct the root causes of the slice. You aren’t likely to see immediate results, so stick with it until you are able to successfully remove the slice from your game.

  • Widen your backswing. A narrow backswing is a common cause of hitting a slice. When you keep your hands and arms in too close to your body during the backswing, they have no choice but to move away at the start of the downswing. When this happens, the club gets outside of the target line and you are left with only one option – to pull the club back across to the inside, and create slice spin at the same time. Try to create more width at the start of your backswing, and you should have more room to swing from inside-to-out.
  • Improve your sequencing. When you get out of sequence with your swing, a slice can be the result. This happens when the club gets down to the ball before your body has had a chance to move out of the way. Try to fix this problem by focusing on your lower body as the start of the downswing, instead of your hands and arms. When you reach the top of your backswing, use your legs and hips to start the rotation toward the target, and let your arms come along for the ride.
  • Get a lesson from a pro. If you are unable to fix the slice on your own, it might be time to visit your local teaching professional. By watching your swing closely, the pro should be able to identify where the slice is coming from, and offer advice on how to fix it. What might have taken months (or years) to fix on your own could possibly be solved in one half hour lesson from a professional.