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Learning to chip the golf ball onto the putting green

Chipping a golf ball on the green is not a simple task. Many golfers have problems understanding how to be consistent with their shots in order to maintain control of the ball. Other times it is a matter of understanding length and distance. The good news is there are steps you can take to improve the process. One of the most important elements is to practice. You need to identify problem areas and know how to improve them to see results. Once you become more confident in your skills your consistency will increase leading to proper chipping when putting on the green. The following points can help you get started.

  • Make time to practice. Practicing will help you get consistent with your moves and in many cases this is all you need to improve your chipping. Many golfers are not consistent with their motions and therefore, do not see the results they want.
  • You can find a place to practice just off the green. Look on the course and find a flag to be your general target area. You can use multiple balls to help you practice; anywhere from five to ten is a good number to use. Consider working with a flag roughly placed at six feet away from the green’s edge.
  • Hit the ball. Start with hitting one ball with your goal to get it across the course by a few feet. Make sure as you swing the club comes back as you follow through with a pendulum-type movement. Try this again with the next ball but consider adding more length by swinging your club back a little further. This should help you strike the ball farther out.
  • Keep this up as you move through each ball. You should work toward hitting your shots closer to the flag. Work on your chipping swing and add more length as you follow through each time. If you keep this up you should see improvement and you may get lucky enough to get the ball in the hole.
  • Take note of your backswing and make adjustments as necessary. This is where your power comes from in getting the ball to go farther across the course. You can do different lengths to help you build strength as you work your way toward hitting the ball into the hole.