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Hitting Powerful and Accurate Drives: A List of Easy Drills

The ultimate combination for your tee shots is both power and accuracy. Without accuracy, powerful drives are likely to get lost in the trees or the water hazards, and your score will quickly add up to a high number. Without power, accurate drives could leave you in the fairway but too far back for any realistic chance at a quality approach. Bringing to the two together is an excellent combination and could lead to the best golf of your life.

Following are a few simple drills to help you work toward the ambitious goal of hitting drives that are long and accurate.

  • Miss on one side. When you are hitting balls on the practice range, try picking out a target to aim at with your driver and then hit five balls in a row toward that target. The challenge with this drill is that you are only allowed to miss on one side of the target, either right or left. You decide which way you are going to miss, and then try to hit five in a row that miss just slightly to that side. If you hit one to the other side – or miss way off target with any shot – you start over and try again to hit five in a row. Missing on only one side is an important skill to have on the course, so build it up on the practice range first.
  • Top speed while balanced. The driving range is a good place to figure out just how hard you can swing while still staying on balance. If your swing gets off balance because you are trying too hard, the quality of your shots will likely decrease. Hit your driver harder and harder until you notice that you can no longer hold your balance properly. Remember this feeling and take it with you to the course.
  • Relax your grip. Having a tight grip on your driver is a problem that can cause both lost power and lost accuracy. Work on hitting shots with your driver while maintaining a loose grip in order to let the club really move aggressively through the zone. Obviously, you have to hold on to the club tight enough so that you maintain control and it doesn’t fly out of your hands. However, you shouldn’t squeeze much harder than that if you are hoping to maximize distance.