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World's Famous Places to Play Golf

There are so many places around the world to play golf, making a decision can be challenging in itself. There are various golf courses that are known for being the best for a reason. Famous areas to host golf offer great experiences that make the sport even more interesting. Yet, the destination is what makes the experience worthwhile, along with features and services the course provides. The list of famous places to play is practically endless while others have a few spots they enjoy visiting year after year.


Many avid golfers consider this part of the world, next to the United States, as the golf capital or Holy Grail of golf. There are various destinations such as Portugal, Algarve, and even toward the United Kingdom near Ireland, that offers amazing places to play a few rounds. These areas are popular for golf breaks, golf vacations, and golf holidays when you can find affordable travel packages that suit your budget. Golf courses in this part of the world offer challenges and adventures. A few courses have historical significance making them even more special to those who visit the area annually. Many courses here allow golfers to play all year round.

North and South America

Whether you are in the United States, Mexico or parts of Canada, you can enjoy great golf outings with good value. These areas offer plenty of options for rest and relaxation. These areas are often visited during golf season between spring and fall. The United States offers various golf courses with beautiful scenery, especially in the fall when foliage changes color. Canada offers a few prominent places you can play a few a rounds as parts of Mexico and South America. A number of golf championships have been won in these areas over the years, and many golfers enjoy the opportunity to play on a course a champion has played on.


Many of Australia’s most popular tourist destinations offer great opportunities to play golf. Avid golfers are starting to warm up to this region as more golf travel packages are available at affordable rates. Professional golfers have helped put this part of the world on the map when it comes to challenging golf plays and unique course designs. Of course, there is plenty to do here when you are away from the course, but many enjoy having the opportunity to play down under or watch professional tournaments.