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5 Golf Drills to Adjust Your Game to Wet Ground Conditions

Golfers may find it challenging to play in dry conditions from time to time, but wet conditions is a different story. There are so many elements to consider when the ground is wet. The ball moves differently and you need to adjust your strokes in order to have an effective swing with good end result. You may need to change your setup or adjust how you grip your club. To help you tackle these issues here are 5 golf drills you can practice to improve your game play on wet conditions.

  1. Mop drill. This can help you understand elements related to heaviness and pressure. You get more perspective on the type of feel you should have when holding your club during wet conditions. Use a wet mop in your normal stance position with hands in front of trail leg. You may hold a golf club at the same time when doing this. You can drag the mop while holding everything in one piece but preventing the mop from moving past the lead leg, just your hands.
  2. Grip drill. Use a practice club to help you. You can watch television while doing this drill. Hold the club while watching you show and release during commercial breaks. This helps you understand how you should properly grip your club subconsciously. This can train you to do things without really thinking about and it becomes second nature when you’re on the course
  3. Use a full length mirror to help you with setup. You can practice your setup in front of a mirror. The key here is to try and set the mirror someone in the house you normally don’t have a mirror in place. This mirror would be used especially for setup practice. Each time you pass by the mirror you may get encourage to practice your set up position. This helps you pay attention to body positioning.
  4. Swing motion in full swing with coiling and uncoiling action. You can use your golf club for this drill. You can hold each end of the golf club while it is across your back and shoulder area. Coil shoulders in your normal setup position and move in a circular motion until you feel tight growing in one direction and do it again in the other.
  5. Putting shots. You can use a putting mat or a rug to test your skills. A thick carpet is good for chipping practice.