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5 Golf Pitching Tips You Should Apply In Your Game

The Scoring Zone

Top players and golfing instructors always harp on about the importance of the short game and how improving your game from 100 yards and in will make a huge difference to your score. In this article, you will learn 5 tips that you can apply right away to get your pitches dancing around the hole.

To Chip Or To Pitch?

Firstly, how do we define pitching? A pitch is longer than a chip (which is around the green) and it is shorter than a full wedge shot (around 100-120 yards). A pitch is that "in between" shot It is less than a full swing but longer than a chip. We can safely say that any shot from between 15-75 yards from the hole is a pitch.

  1. Keep the plane upright
  2. Your swing plane means the arc at which the club travels back and through. When the club goes around your body, we define that as a "flat plane". When the club travels more "up and down", that would be an upright plane. For the purpose of pitching, an upright plane is preferable to a flat one.

  3. Clip your pitches
  4. You don't want to take a big divot when you pitch. Your goal should be to clip the tops off the grass, as digging into the turf will slow the club down.

  5. Use the clock system
  6. Picture a clock face hanging from your nose. As you view your swing from the front, you want to aim to swing your left arm to 9 o'clock on the backswing and to 3 o'clock on the follow through. Do this will control the length of your swing and thus how far you hit your pitches.

  7. Swing easy and keep the hands relaxed
  8. A pitching swing is not a power swing at all. You want to swing easy through the ball and avoid any sudden surges of power that will send the ball too far. Lighten your grip on the club and aim to swing the club easy and "collect" the ball on the way.

  9. Choke down on the club
  10. "Choking down" means gripping down on the club towards the steel shaft. This will reduce the swing arc and make you hit the ball a shorter distance. The further you choke down on the club, the more distance you will take off the shot.