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How To Use Your Fairway Woods To Score Lower

Many golfers have chosen to add woods to their golf bag. This is a good strategic move, but do you actually know how to use them properly? There are a few technical differences when using woods as opposed to using irons. If you aren’t using your woods to score lower, then what’s the point, right? So here are some methods you can use to score lower with your woods.

Ball position is not the same as an iron

The first difference between hitting with a wood and hitting with an iron is that the ball should be slightly forward in your stance. Woods have different lofts to irons and are therefore more able to give you a lift and better distance if they hit the ball in the right place.

Don’t grip your wood club too tightly

Wood clubs are not meant to be gripped very tightly. They are naturally designed to perform the task you want them to without that much interference from you. For this reason, keep your grip light and allow your wrist to be flimsy during the entire swing. A bit of practice might be necessary to do this perfectly every time.

Woods are designed to give you greater distance

The best thing you can do when playing with a wood is to trust your club. As already mentioned, it’s designed to play the shot for you. Don’t try to manipulate your technique too much. Simply make a smooth swing that’s steady and straight and the wood will do the rest. Errors with woods often occur because the player is trying too hard. This is entirely unnecessary.

Lean back a little during your swing

One more thing that you must remember is that with woods, your stance should be slightly bent backwards. This allows for more space during your swing and will let you perform that smoothness in technique discussed above. Don’t over-think this. Simply keep practising until it feels natural. This slight backward stance is the norm with all woods, so if you want to play with woods, start getting used to it now.

Remember these important points the next time you hit with your woods. If you are mixing up your game with irons and woods, it may take some time to get used to playing differently every time you switch. But with time this will become second nature to you.