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4 Instant Cures To The Most Common Golf Driving Faults

One of the biggest problems someone starting out in golf will experience is keeping their eye on the ball. Fresh air shots happen because the golfer is already looking down the fairway before the club head has actually reached the ball. It’s difficult to persuade yourself that you are doing that. If you watch professionals just look at how long they keep their heads down before looking up to see the ball heading towards their target. Gradually you will find that you are better and air shots become a thing of the past. Perhaps one little tip may speed up the process? Tell yourself you want to see the ground under the ball which of course you will only see if you’ve hit it out of the way.

Follow Through

One of the major mistakes that can creep into your game is failing to follow through properly. This can lead to loss of balance. You need to rotate so that your arms are not working independently of your body. Your stance needs to be stable with your back foot the anchor until you are into your follow through.


If your club face is open when you hit the ball the result will be a slice, a far more dangerous shot than a controlled fade. You may have open shoulders and actually almost be on your heels. You need to check your grip first of all because your right hand might be in the wrong position at the start. You then need to go back to the basics of balance, smooth backswing and acceleration into the ball.


The only time the game gives you an advantage is on the tee. You are allowed to put your ball on a tee. Your choice of tee is important. You may find it difficult at first to have the ball on high but the aim is to hit the ball on the up, below halfway and that high tee gives you the best chance. One of the most embarrassing shots is topping the ball off the tee which can happen with a low tee or because you are not keeping down over the ball. The result is that you are striking the top half of the ball and simply top-spinning it along the ground. Tee up and stand down.


One fault that golfers need to eradicate is lateral movement. The ideal swing is rotation around the vertical. Too many golfers sway back almost as though they want to get their whole body behind the ball when that is not the way to generate power.