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10 Must-Know Facts About The Penha Longa Golf Hotel 

The Penha Longa golf hotel is one of a kind. When you come to Portugal to play golf with friends, there is a good chance that you might want to play in some of the best courses ever. It is for this reason that you need to make sure that you can get your hands on the best courses like this one. The following are some incredible facts that you might not know about this course, which will actually help you make your decision.

  • Secluded in the mountains
  • Accommodation
  • World class dining
  • Championship golf course
  • Lavish spa
  • Lush gardens
  • 5 star resort
  • Experience palazzo-style estate design unique to Portugal
  • View of the Estoril coastal region
  • Book, book in advance

Secluded in the mountains

This course is specially designed, built somewhere within the mountainous region of the country. This therefore makes it one of the best locations for you in the event that you are looking to have a good time off the normal city life.


The accommodation here is world class. It is because of this reason that the golf hotel has actually been attracting a lot of people over the years. Therefore you can be sure to have a good time here, and enjoy your stay.

World class dining

The dining facilities are incredible. There is nothing that beats the feeling you get when you play quality golf and then cap it off with a beautiful meal with your fellow players.

Championship golf course

The course is a championship golf course, therefore you can be sure that it will have just the right kind of challenges to spur you on.

Lavish spa

If you want to enjoy some health facilities, the hotel also has a spa, lavish and fully functional, which you can use whenever you need to.

Lush gardens

The lush gardens are a golfer’s paradise. Whenever you set on the green you will definitely be able to enjoy your game.

5 star resort

One of the other things that you will enjoy about this hotel is the 5 star resort facilities that are exclusive to it.

Experience palazzo-style estate design unique to Portugal

The palazzo style estate design that is built into the hotel is a major attraction for a lot of people, considering that it is unique to Portugal.

View of the Estoril coastal region

The fact that you get a really good view of the Estoril coastal region makes this an incredible experience for a lot of players.

Book, book in advance

In the event that you would love to make sure that you can get an awesome time on this course, make sure that you book in advance.